Just a plucky gal who thinks fantasy is key to happiness and wellbeing.

Miss Alexxa Starr, Professional Dominatrix, Fetish & Kink content creator, porn star. Raised in New England, Alexxa Starr embodies Classic British Discipline with a unique American twist. She began her path as a Professional Dominatrix in 2011, under the tutelage of elite European Mistresses in Madrid and London. She is a certified Professional Dominatrix with outside studies in psychology, and is also a registered Life/Executive Coach. Outside of the Fetish world, she coaches effective communication techniques in the Military and Banking sectors.

“I began exploring FEMDOM at 18, thanks to a much older gentleman friend. My journey unveiled much more than a rich Domination style: a deep vocation for guiding others through self-exploration via fantasy and fetishes. A great Dominatrix leads her submissives to become their best versions, in and outside of sessions, with skill and grace. Those that serve Me feel called to serve, a yearning to better themselves. The union and bond we form is unlike any other; a precious gift for both Dominant and submissive. Trust, discretion and a firm yet disciplined hand in instruction and practice leads great men to even greater heights of emotional and physical well-being.”

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