Who the hell am I?

Just a plucky gal who thinks fantasy is key to happiness and wellbeing.

I started exploring FEMDOM quite young and on that Power Play journey, I discovered the pleasure in helping others delve into their fantasies and fetishes. Without Dominants there wouldn´t be submissives and vice versa''you know, the whole yin-yang shindig. I'm always grateful for and truly happy to work with subs that feel the call to serve Me. It's a precious gift for both of us.

As one of the only certified Professional Dominatrixes in the world, know you're in fabulous hands.

I'd been ruminating for years about switching from offering only in-person sessions to expanding and building an online empire. In 2020 that decision was made for Me with sudden changes in the world, so I dropedp all illusions I'd held on to about being happy in a vanilla life (sorry Mom). I started to get serious about being a full-time online sex worker--and it was't easy. I'm lucky I have a huge (proverbial) set of cojones. I was a Communication and Executive coach in the Military and Banking sectors, so you could say I flew the coop to be My best, most authentic self outside the scope of other people's paradigms. It sounds cheesy and cliché, I know.

I'm now on My journey into the porn world, which you can discover in My Vlog (it's free when you sign up to my page). It's another crazy trip that I never thought I'd take!

I'm geeky, freaky and am learning the art of cinematography--I literally live to create, produce and edit clips, short movies and totally stupid YouTube videos. With all the shit in the world, a little joy and laughter goes a long way, doesn't it? I'm one of those artsy-fartsy creative types, and I truly enjoy every aspect of what I do. Whether you join Me in a cam session or just perv My content, enjoy it in all of it's sexy glory.

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Some of My Fetishes & Kinks

What makes Me the sassiest MILF Mommy Dommy around?

Don't be shy! I'm always excited to explore new kinks and fetishes (if they aren't already on My very long list!)